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PUF Tips


    It's easy and fun~                              It's cost effective~ 

    It's multi usage~          It's under your control~

We have listed some pamper tips below to share how using your mineral powders for more ways to use. If you have any creative ideas or thoughts, feel free to let us know.  


- Any of our mineral foundation can be mixed together to create a shade that is uniquely yours, or you can mix bit of enhancer with your favorite foundation in the summer months.

- Making a tinted moisturizer or cream concealer is very easy. Simply take some of your mineral foundation to a small amount of your favorite moisturizer then apply. 

- Applying mineral foundation with a damp brush is good for drier skin and more mature skin. Simply damp the bristles of your brush with water or spray bit of mineral water before the 4 steps ---  Dip > Swirl > Tap > Buff. 

- If you skin is sensitive to the buffing, simply stroke/sweep the minerals onto your face in a downward motion.


Finishing Powders

- It's not only used for setting your makeup at the last step, also can be used as a primer before applying foundation, especially suitable for oily skin types and places in high humidity, like Hong Kong. 



- Use a shade 2 skintones deeper than your natural skintone to create a natural looking bronzed effect.

- Blend a small amount of Enhance/Bronzer with clear Aloe Vera gel and you have a gel bronzer that can be used on your legs, arms, cheeks or anywhere you'd like a sun kissed look without the damaging effects of the sun.

- Can also be used as an eyeshadow for a quick and totally coordinated and healthy look! 


Eye Pigments

- Some women with oily skin have problems with their eye shadow creasing and fading. Just simply to apply a layer of finishing powder or any eye base product that you are using under the eye shadow will help prevent this.

- Mix it with a little water and apply it wet for more intense eye shadow.

- Apply in wet with your fine liner brush. This eye liner will stay on all day long without fading or running. 



- Don't you have many small amount of eye pigments/bronzer in your home but not dump yet?? Try to mix them together to create your only color! Dip your lip brush into water then dip it into your 'Dump Colors, apply a liberal amount to your lips. Wait 20 seconds until it dries and then apply gloss over your lips. See? it's your custom lip color. 


Nail Polish

- Dip your clear nail polish into your blush/enhancer and brush on nails for nail color. You will find it's amazing and brilliant.